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About Us

Who We Are
The Farragut Church of Christ Preschool is a place filled with love, learning, laughter and lots of evergy! After 19 years, we have established a reputation for excellance. We have a three star rating, and offer high quality education and care to our students. We are a Christian school. Lessons from the Bible and character building are incorporated into all that we do.

Education is an important part of our day. Each class works on appropriate skills for that age group, with each year building on the year before. The students will also benefit from our music classes. It is our goal to have each student well prepared for Kindergarten in independence skills, academic skills, and emotional skills. Our goal is to teach the children in such a way that learning is a joy and self-esteem is not only protected, but increased.

Classes exist for ages 2 years old (by Aug. 31st) through Pre-K. All classes are from 9:00-2:00. We meet from mid-August through mid-May, basically following Knox County School’s schedule.

Our staff is highly trained, qualified and gifted in the training of young children. They are loving, patient, Godly women who care about the needs of children and their families.

Parent’s Testimonials
FCCP Parent

FCCP has truly been the perfect preschool for our family! Both of my children attended FCCP before moving on to Farragut Primary. I loved that they had opportunities to play with other children, had classes in music, movement and sign language, and received a quality preschool education. While attending FCCP, both of my children were happy and nurtured and were absolutely ready for kindergarten when the time came.

FCCP Parent

FCCP is a joyful environment for learning and developing a child’s social skills. Children are embraced with a Christ centered focus on development, making the transitions from home to school very smooth and positive.

Meet Our Team
Denise Ackerman
Head Teacher / Pre-K 4 Day
Amy Gibbs
Class Teacher / Three Year Old Class
Lindsay Bond
Class Teacher / Two Year Old Class
Natalia Whitelaw
Head Teacher / Toddlers Class
Paula Slaughter
Head Teacher / Pre-K 3 Day
Julie Vann
Class Teacher / Three Year Old Class
Amy Sexton
Teacher Assistant / Two Year Old Class
LeeAnne Miller
Teacher Assistant / Toddler Class